It is not easy to retail shopping center but when you do, it would turn out to be a highly profitable transaction. It depends on how it is done, if done rightly then it can surely going to deliver a stream of income and much more. The outcomes will be fruitful only if you get
While most of us are still in lockdown or in a sort of more liberal lockdown situation, traveling seems still far away in the current circumstances. Luckily, digital traveling is not affected and it is never too early to bookmark the next hot spots to visit, am I right? At least for me as a

Real Estate Investment Guide

The first thing that comes in your mind is home whenever you think about investing in real estate. Moreover, buyers or seller have plenty of options when it comes to investment purpose in the market. Although, real estate has become a famous investment tool for builders and developers over the last 3-4 decades and around
The ring road land construction is a megaproject launched by the end of 2019 and a start of 2020, though it is estimated to get into completion by the year, 2022. This project is probably going to benefit the people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi by offering an alternative route to get an M-2 motorway. The
If you are planning to rent a property then some really important things need to be considered before renting a house, apartment, or townhouse. First things first! Location is what matters nowadays and the necessities of daily life should be there such as, markets, grocery, and public transportation as well. Usually, the landlords don’t really
Are you confused about buying which of these properties? Then you’re at a right place, so go ahead to remove all the confusions you are struggling with and search for what’s best for you. Talking about the best and more secured opportunity to invest in Pakistan is real estate market which not only provides profitable
Factors Affecting Real Estate Market
What is Real Estate Investment? Are you unaware of how, when, or where to invest? Then you are in the right place. Real estate investment is one of the most beneficial yet profitable investment opportunities in an entire country. Real estate investment is that you have to buy a property after consulting your real estate
As a matter of fact, investing money in a real estate would never be an easy task for beginners. But there’s nothing to worry about as you only need to avoid some of the mistakes that might lead to failure. Following are the ten mistakes, a real estate investor must avoid. 1. Improper research and
  A home kitchen rarely, if ever, looks like it might belong on a showroom floor. We simply use the space too much in our busy, day-to-day lives. This is why proper organization and space planning are crucial, whether you’re looking at a complete kitchen remodel or just ways to improve your current organizational habits. In
  With the spring season finally deciding to make an appearance, you might be feeling a bit inspired. We are, too! The turning of a season marks the perfect time for a change of scenery, and spring particularly tends to get our creativity engines running at full speed. Considering making some changes to your kitchen
  (Werbung/Ad) More than ever we are faced with the question: what does home mean to us? In these crazy times of uncertainty with Covid-19 being a daily topic around the world and calls to stay home, avoid social gatherings and try our best to slow down the infection rate, many of us find ourselves
  Smaller, smarter, and more concise kitchens have evolved from a niche market to a near necessity for most homeowners. Kitchens are rooms that are notorious for eating up all of the available space, leaving you little room to actually perform tasks or simply relax. To remedy this, downsizing has become the preferred solution, but
Is your kitchen outdated? Does it fail to meet the needs of your growing family? If you’re interested in a kitchen to remodel this year, be sure the changes you make will improve the room’s appearance and functionality with trendy designs for 2019 and beyond. Here are three trends you might want to incorporate when
  Pros & Cons of Using Marble in the Kitchen One of the most commons things we hear is, “We’re thinking about putting marble countertops in our kitchen, what do you think?” Marble countertops are beautiful and make a great addition to a home if you’re looking to create a contemporary-style kitchen. But some are
  With the majority of us being in some sort of lockdown, we have all become more aware of our home and what it means to be at home. Since we are all supposed to stay at home, I wanted to start this mini blog series of ideas that keep me busy and sane at
A kitchen sink may seem like a minor detail during a kitchen renovation, but since you’ll be using it daily, it is important to choose the best one to fit your usage patterns, kitchen style, and personal tastes. With hundreds of premanufactured choices available as well as endless custom options, this can be a challenge.
This week I have started my new mini blog series ‘Stay Home Ideas’ for us to keep us busy and entertained while we are more or less quarantined in our homes. Now I reckon some of you are busy with work from the home office, homeschooling kids, cooking, doing other chores, but hey, now is
Is your kitchen a bit outdated? If you are considering a kitchen renovation to start the new year and the new decade out fresh, be sure to check out these kitchen design trends for 2020. From the return of wood cabinets to showy, bright colors, there is something for everyone. Create the kitchen of your

Clean Out the Bedroom

Let us continue with our ‘Stay Home Ideas’ during this quarantine period, shall we? After prepping the balcony for spring and cleaning out the bookshelf, it is time to move on to a new room: today I am sharing a few tips with you that helped me cleaning out the bedroom. Most of us know
There’s nothing bad about neutral kitchens with white subway tile and stainless-steel appliances – those styles are classics. But to be honest, these days people are looking for more color in their kitchens. To help you create the hue-infused kitchen space of your dreams, here are 8 colorful kitchen ideas: 1.     Pops of Yellow A
Looking for new kitchen cabinet designs to spice up your kitchen? Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens has some ideas to update your kitchen cabinets. 1.     Contemporary Style Contemporary kitchen cabinets create a clean, immaculate look with a sleek design. 2.     Glass Front Cabinets Glass front cabinets add extra drama as showcases for beautiful china or glasses.
  Summertime in India usually means ripe mangoes and long holidays. It’s also a time when the kids are home more and you may even have some guests from out of town. If you are preparing for such a summer, you may be thinking of doing some minor decor changes in your home.  1. Minimalism
how to mix interior design styles in 2020 Have you ever thought of mixing different types of interior in your home or work space.It is as easy as ABC, but we understand your concern but we got it covered. Because sticking to a specific style is boring, uninspiring, and challenging to boot, we’re looking at
Kitchens as utilitarian spaces kept hidden away are no more the norm in today’s modern homes. Contemporary kitchens are designed to be more aesthetic and functional. Cabinet designs in the kitchen, their placement, dimension, and quantity are crucial factors to consider while designing a kitchen. Indian kitchens require a lot of storage which is why cabinetry
How to Remove Turmeric Stains in the Home
Pakistani cuisine uses liberal doses of turmeric in almost every dish, and while this spice is great for our immunity and health, the end-result of this can be a nasty yellow stain that is hard to get rid of. How can you tackle tough turmeric stains in your home? We bring you the low down.
Mixing decorating styles is easier than you might think. In truth, there are very few “pure” decorating styles. Most styles are a blend of several different eras and periods. Design styles are usually birthed when designers (or even homemakers) take the best of certain periods or fashions and incorporate these elements into homes. Maybe your
A bedroom should be a personal getaway, a sanctuary, which expresses your favorite colors, feelings, and collections. Learn the main rules to remember when decorating your bedroom. Choose your favourite Color Instead of bold primary colors, choose soothing shades and a restful palette of monochromatic tones. Remember color theory: gentle hues of blue, lavender, or green
Do you have a yard, patio, or porch? Then you, my friend, deserve to enjoy your outdoor living space. What you do with it will determine just how hospitable it can be. Decorating your outdoor living space can become just as much of a labor of love as it is with any space on the
Create your kitchen design using the Decorill Cost Estimation App on your computer or tablet. Submit your floor plan or floor sketch, choose the kind of interior concept you prefer, and let our designer submit your kitchen design in 3D – it’s that easy! Bring your ideas to life and create your online kitchen design
One of the long-lasting trends in interior design is connecting the kitchen with the living room. Designers focus on opening the living space in such a way as to visually enlarge it and give household the impression of space even in small room. This solution has its advantages – it brings the household members closer