The success of 5-marla platinum homes has helped Platinum Construction Limited to introduce a new set of villas. These 10-Marla platinum villas are located in Multan DHA. It has a lot of promising features that are convenience for many people. Platinum Construction is working hard to come up with top strategies and planning.
All the upcoming residential projects are going to be even better than before. People can enjoy urban living in these sophisticated villas and houses. The community is gated to give a high level of security to the residents. As the success of Platinum Villas is phenomenal it allows the investors. They can gain fruitful results for many years to come. Are you interested in investing in this project? Here are some good options.

Mesmerizing Villas That Feature High-Quality Finishes & Spacious Designs
Platinum Villas happens to be the best choice for investors and residents alike. It offers an urban touch that is introduced for the very first time in DHA Multan. You will be surprised to see the architecture as it is contemporary. Many people will like to live in this premium villa while the investors can make profits by investing in this location.
The project goes bigger and better as 10-Marla double-story villas will be built in the same area. Each plot covers a wide area of 3,100 square feet. Many residential units in this project are spacious and boast stunning designs. Moreover, they are around 4 to 5 bedrooms for bigger families.

DHA Multan: An Attractive Location for Investment & Residing
Platinum Villas is developed in a carefully picked location that is DHA. There is no doubt that this location is quite central. It offers a great opportunity for investors and residents alike. Many new homes and villas are built specifically in B-1 Sector which is near the Multan Clock tower in DHA. The location is very much closer to Jinnah Avenue.
Meanwhile, the residential complex will help you enjoy good connectivity to the main entrance. The gated community stretches over Sectors A, B-2, H, and K. It also includes Sectors G and F alike. Fortunately, DHA Multan is nearby plenty of expressways. All the residents of Platinum villas can reach Multan International Airport without wasting any time and effort.

Residents Can Enjoy All the Facilities
Platinum Villas is an upscale and modern community that gives plenty of facilities to the residents. You will be delighted to have all the comforts while living in this central area. All the urban arrangements are quite serene while the infrastructure is top-notch. The transportation and medical faculties are exciting while the roads are 80 to 120 feet wide.
You will like the security level in the well-maintained and gated community. This is how the Platinum Villa residents can enjoy easy access to the urban and open spaces. There are plenty of recreational activities that you can have while living in the Platinum villas. You don’t have to worry about criminals entering this area as it is being watched by CCTV 24/7.
Own A Home in The Well-Guarded Community at Affordable Rates
As Platinum villas offer a lot of facilities for the residents, you may feel it will be very expensive. However, the good news is that you can choose many attractive investment plans that can fit into your budget. It is no doubt an opportunity that is not to be missed in any way. The newly built villas in this sophisticated and lucrative property market are something that you cannot miss out on.
DHA Multan is a modern area and living there will be quite good. If you are an investor and looking for a good property to invest in, once again Platinum Villas wins the deal. Contact and book your favorite property now!