In Pakistan's key coastal city in Gwadar, Prime Minister Imran Khan began work on a number of huge developments and announced the start of a number of other infrastructural projects and programs of an ambitious China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The CPEC is still the centerpiece program of China's ambitious multibillion-dollar Belt and Road, which links Gwadar Port in Pakistan's Balochistan with Xinjiang Province in China (BRI). Chinese will get access to the Arabian Sea as a result of this agreement.
In the past few years, the growing port of Gwadar in Balochistan becomes a hub for property investment and infrastructural development. This is a critical part of China's Belt Road Initiative, also known also as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in Pakistan (CPEC). Marine Drive and the Gwadar Sports Complex have considerably increased the city's total net worth. The government is building a large-scale international airport development in Gwadar throughout the effort to allow it the world's largest and most beneficial free trade agreement. The facility has indeed been designed with best-in-class features to help local and international travelers, increasing the port city's importance as a global destination.
We'll provide you with all the latest details on Gwadar Air Base in this blog, as well as talk about the project's location and expected characteristics.

Latest Updates on Gwadar International Airport
The original construction design concept for the Gwadar Intercontinental Airport terminal was revealed in 2017. However, the project's foundation was not laid until April 2019, when Prime Minister Imran Khan attended a high-profile groundbreaking ceremony. Work on the procedure will begin in October of next year. The construction of the New Gwadar Airport is projected to cost more than PKR 55 billion ($246 million). That's a megadevelopment of 4,300 acres. This new airport will be able to transport 30,000 tonnes of commodities each year and will be able to accept both small and large planes such as the Airbus A380, Boeing 747, and Boeing 748.

Completion Timeline
According to the master plan, the airport will have a 3,658-meter-long runway with a 75-meter-wide approach that will be able to accommodate and handle heavy airplane flight operations. China State Construction Engineering Company has been granted design and construction contracts for the airport by the Pakistan Airport Authority (CAA). The airport should be completed even by the beginning of 2022.
According to Hassan Nasr Jamy, Director of Aviation Division, the building on Gwadar airport is proceeding at a good rate, and the project would be completed and operational by September 2023, as scheduled. People will also have access to a plethora of new work opportunities as a result of the initiative.

Location Of Upcoming Gwadar International Airport
The airport project is being built near Gurandani, 26 kilometers northeast of Gwadar's existing international airport, which is a tiny infrastructure that opened in 1984. The port team's biggest airbase will be surrounded by cutting-edge infrastructures, such as a vast network of roadways that will connect it to the Makran Coastal Highway as well as other big regional thoroughfares for a seamless connection.

Gwadar International Airport's Expected Features
The mega project of the forthcoming Gwadar airport is being built on a scale that dwarfs practically all of Balochistan's existing internationally and domestically airports. Gwadar Airport Terminal would give services to airlines and people from all over the globe, just as Jinnah Airport Terminal, Allama Iqbal International Airport, or other comparable sites all around the country. The airport is anticipated to be equipped with the elements to give foreign travelers such a fast and enjoyable experience:
Several gates and police walkthroughs greet guests just at the main entryway.
Atriums, corridors, and hallways all have a lot of space.
The Interior is completely cooled.
The facility is extremely secure and is monitored by CCTV cameras 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Visitors will find a well-equipped waiting room with free Wi-Fi.
Travel firms' offices, airline companies' offices, and authorities
Shops that are duty-free
Nearby world-class hotels and rooms are available, as well as on-site taxi and vehicle rental services.
Parking is plentiful.
Tourists will benefit from high-speed elevators and escalators.
Cafeteria inspired by fancy eating establishments throughout the world massive cargo management facilities (for handling baggage and freight shipments)
In handling day-to-day airplane operations, there really are thousands of kilometers of runways and control towers.

The Real Estate Impact of Gwadar International Airport
When an international airport is built in a city, it has a positive effect on the city's property value, according to Pakistani market trends. Inside the instance with Gwadar, the same thing was predicted. Once the airport is constructed and fully operational, real estate prices in the port city are likely to increase significantly. It’s been exploited by investors.

Invest in the Canadian city of Gwadar to get the benefits of your investment
If you're seeking a way to get a piece of Gwadar's booming real estate market, Gwadar, Canada, is a good place to start. This GDA-approved project is a top opportunity to make money in Southern Asia's next big economic hub, with state-of-the-art amenities and a rewarding position. The Makran Coastal Highway is about 1.5 kilometers away from the Canadian City real estate development. This route provides direct access to the city's new airport, which is only 15 km far.
Property values in Canadian cities will climb dramatically in the near future due to the closeness to Gwadar International Airport, especially after the airport is operational.
The fact that this housing development is included in the revised Gwadar Master Plan is also significant. Furthermore, read the detailed project reference to learn further about Canadian major towns, facilities, and alternative investments.
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